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I’m coffee-conflicted

On the one hand, I own a

On the other hand, my parents have an espresso machine that's super-fancy and makes really, really good coffee. I have no idea what it cost (I am afraid to ask), but I do enjoy visiting them a whole lot. (Not just for the cappuccinos. But it doesn’t hurt.)

And then on the third hand (you mutant, you, with your third hand), today’s Home.Woot offering is a reconditioned Saeco Intellia Automatic Espresso Machine for $400, which I dismissed as insane until I saw that this machine retails for around $1200 new, at which point $400 seemed like a real bargain.

Long story not much shorter: I’m afraid I can’t justify buying one of these, but if you’re in the market, apparently it’s a really good deal. Please invite me over for cappuccino after you get it. (I’ll bring cookies!)

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Love the savings at LOFT

Been waiting for some fantastic discounts over at LOFT? Today’s a good day to check ‘em out—in addition to their 40% off everything promotion this week with code MUSTSHOP, today only they’re offering a Flash Sale on sweaters. You’ll save 50%, automatically, no coupon needed.

I love LOFT so much, I forgive them for offering a “size type” option that doesn’t include Maternity, so that when I say I want Regular sizes I am flooded with pregnant ladies. (But if they ever fix that, I promise it’s because I complained. Often.)

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Fancy a spot of tea?

If you’re a hardcore tea lover, chances are you’ve already discovered Teavana for everything you need to brew that perfect cup of gourmet tea. The prices are commensurate with the product quality, though, so if you’re like me, you can’t really afford to shop there all that often.

Today would be a good day to check them out, though, because right now you can use coupon code SLICK25 for $25 off your $60+ order, plus free shipping and a free tea sample. Replenish your stash, pick up some gifts, get that fancy tea kettle or tea set you’ve been eyeing… whatever, just enjoy the savings.

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For quick clean-ups

I try to stay fairly eco-friendly, earth-conscious, tree-huggy, etc., and when I’m doing a lot of cleaning, yep, I get out the vinegar and the washable mops and cloths and all of that, sure. But sometimes you just need to do a quick clean-up, or sometimes you want to turn your children into slave labor make it easy for the kids to pitch in, and that’s when I confess I really like Lysol wipes. (I will go hug an extra tree, now that I’ve admitted this.) Right now Amazon has this 240-wipe jumbo three-pack of Lysol wipes for just $9.97 with an available 15% off coupon, plus if you buy via Subscribe & Save you’ll get free shipping and save even more. Your total will come to $7.48 with the coupon and 5% S&S discount, or even less if you’ve hit your 5+ monthly subscriptions.

If you don’t need ‘em for you, these are great for donations, too—your local schools and shelters will happily take them. At this price, why not?

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Where did Wednesday go??

I seem to be missing a day from this week. Has anyone seen it…?

Oh, well. Hey, we can do Kohlsday just as easily on Thursday, right? Right.

There’s plenty of Bonus Buys to be had, plus everyone gets automatic free shipping on $75+ and earns $10 Kohls Cash for every $50 spent. Kohls charge card holders can also use code SAVEBIG30 for an additional 30% off, plus code SHIPPINGMVC will ship any size order for free. No Kohls card? You can still use code CELEBRATE for an additional 15% off.

I am on the hunt for a new go-to plain t-shirt, if anyone has any suggestions. I used to love the Old Navy Perfect Tee, but they changed it. Then I started buying the Juniors So brand ones at Kohls (I know; I should not be buying Juniors, and for my trouble I had to buy a large rather than a small, but whatever…), but then they changed those, too. I see the Apt. 9 plain Ts are on sale at Kohls now… anyone have any experience with them? I might give ‘em a whirl.

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Work out, stay dry

Have guys who like those athletic shirts that are supposed to wick away perspiration? I like those shirts, too, but I sure don’t want to pay full price for ‘em. Right now Amazon has two colors of these Champion Men’s Powerflex Core Tees for just $7.67 apiece, in sizes from small all the way up to XX-large.

That’s only a couple bucks more than it’d cost me to root out some used ones at Goodwill. I don’t know if this is a discontinued style or what, but Champion is a great brand and I like that they only do a tiny logo rather than splashing their name across everything.

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Make it feel less like Monday

You know I love a good sale over at 6pm.com, and today’s batch of spotlight deals are each better than the next. Of particular note: Check out the $29.99 and under boutique, which is chock-full of deals on all of the usual suspects (cute sandals and flats for spring!), but also has the occasional smokin’ deal on boots or other should-be-much-more-expensive items.

If new shoes don’t perk you up on a rainy Monday, I can’t help you.

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If you love Bliss…

… then today would be the day to pamper yourself. Shop all of Bliss‘ in-house branded products (as well Remede and Elemis) and use coupon code 20FORYOU to save 20%.

Orders of $50+ ship for free, too, otherwise it’s $7.95 per order. (Not that it would be hard to spend $50.)

I don’t often spring for Bliss, but I do love a few of their products. Their Super Slough Scrub is a miracle in a bottle, for example. (Or maybe I am just old and scaly. That’s also possible.) (Sorry for that mental image. I shall go buy some Slough Scrub.)

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I’m a sucker for Indy

I grew up on the Indiana Jones movies, so you’ll have to excuse me for having a soft spot in my heart for them, even though I hand nightmares about that one villain from the first movie getting melted for several years. (What? It was scary!)

Today’s Amazon Gold Box Deal is the complete movie set on Blu-ray (that’s all four movies, plus 7 hours of special features!) for just $29.99. It’s never been priced lower, and if Harrison Ford with a bullwhip doesn’t make you go just a little weak in the knees, I don’t even know what to tell you.

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Don’t ask why, just control your drooling

I was looking at a sale at Godiva yesterday (and salivating a little…), but sort of feeling like shipping killed it. Now, today, I see that this signature gift basket is the same sale price at Amazon—$24.99, down from $60—but is free shipping eligible.

Why? I have no idea. All I know is that $25 for nearly a pound and a half of gourmet chocolate in pretty wrapping is a steal. Maybe you need a gift. Maybe you’re just hungry. I don’t judge.

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