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Huge savings on undies!

(Originally I titled this “Huge undies savings” and then realized that was… something else. And not what I meant.)

I’m a sucker for the panties over at Aerie, mostly because it’s surprisingly hard to find casual/comfortable cotton undies in things like hipster and boy-short cuts. Their stuff fits the bill, but unless you catch ’em on sale, the price is silly. Well hey, today they’re doing their “10 Pairs for $30″ promotion, plus free shipping, which means all your favorite styles drop from anywhere from $7.50 – $12.50 apiece to just $3 apiece.

Of course, you have to buy 10 in order to get the promo price, but if you buy 10, you can throw out all of your old grubby stuff. You’re welcome.

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Happy Memorial Day from the Gap Family

Memorial Day is here, and while it’s about something a lot more important than finding good deals, I’m not averse to all the sales it spawns. So here’s what you can find at the Gap quad today if you’re so inclined:

Coupon code MONDAY is taking 40% off at Gap. Everything at Old Navy is already 50% off, and then another 30% off in your cart, automatically. At Banana Republic, code BRSUMMER takes 40% off.

And finally, although sales at Athleta are sort of like sighting a unicorn, coupon code HEATINGUP will take $25 off $150, $50 off $250, or $150 off $500. (You’re welcome for that one; it’s doubtless because I just bought my kid a swimsuit there and paid full price.) (Also: Who spends $500 at Athleta in a single trip and will they adopt me?)

Don’t forget all four stores share a shopping cart, and reaching $50 gets you free shipping on everything.

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And now stock up for the teens

Now through Memorial Day at American Eagle, they’re doing a BOGO 50% off on the AEO collection, plus an extra 50% off all Clearance, plus everything ships for free.

This is my favorite kind of sale with them, because if I just want to pick up one t-shirt for my kid or whatever, I don’t have to pay to ship it. Score!

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Children’s Place stock-up time!

Just about everything over at Children’s Place is marked at least 50% off, right now, plus there’s free shipping on every order, plus you can use coupon code SU15DM20FAF on top of that for another 20% off. Perfect! You can grab those last few summer necessities on the cheap, and then you won’t even feel all that bitter when they outgrow it all before August.

Free shipping ends today, by the way. I mean, until the next time they decide to do it.

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Well this is fabulous

Target is donating a billion dollars (!!!) to education, and you can get $25 sent to your school by thanking a teacher through the campaign page. Facebook login required, but it’s a very simple process after that.

Say something nice to a teacher you love, earn money for the school. Nice!

[Thanks for the tip, Jill!]

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You’ve got the cutest little baby shoes

If you love all things Robeez for tiny tots, head on over to 6pm.com and search for Robeez to find 5 different designs that are all just $9.99 shipped, today. I’m partial to the Digi Dino ones but at 60% off, any of ’em are a great deal.

(Don’t need them for your own kid? Robeez make great baby shower gifts and people will think you spent a lot more than you did. You’re welcome.)

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The best part of summer…

… is (are?) the hummingbirds outside my office window.

A couple of years ago, I bought a hummingbird feeder from Amazon during the holiday lightning deals in November. Then I waited patiently (sort of) until May when I could hang that baby up and watch the show out my window whenever I get bored. I love having that feeder, but the one I bought doesn’t have a wide mouth, so it’s nearly impossible to clean. (I use a tiny little brush on a wire designed for cleaning reusable straws, but it’s tedious and hard to aim inside the bottle.)

Today, finally, the Amazon Gold Box is filled with Perky Pet hummingbird feeders, and while most of them are probably there because they’re the old, narrow-neck design, the 710B copper one has a wider mouth for ease of filling and cleaning. For $11, I’m finally upgrading.

(By the way, it comes with “free nectar mix,” but the best nectar for hummingbirds is simply a 4-to-1 solution of water to sugar, boiled for at least a minute to help kill bacteria, then cooled. They don’t need any red food dye or other additives.)

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Not glamorous or fun, but useful!

Okay, a deal on toilet wand refills isn’t exactly exciting, but hey, clean toilets are a Very Good Thing. (As is having an apparatus whereby the children can easily clean said toilets and you know things will actually be, y’know, clean.) I love this Clorox system and buy refills whenever I see ’em on sale.

So right now, Amazon has the 30-pack at $12.72, plus there’s a 30% off coupon, and then it’s Subscribe & Save eligible for greater savings and free shipping. I’m up to 15% off my monthly order, so I got the whole shebang for about $7, or just under a quarter a pad. Works for me.

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Whenever I think parenting teens is hard…

… I remind myself that they can wipe their own butts. (Perspective!)

If you’re still in the magical cleaning-other-people’s-bottoms phase of parenting, you might want this deal on a 648-count case of Huggies wipes from Amazon; it’s priced at $11.97, then there’s a clippable $2 off coupon, and you can use Subscribe & Save to save even more and get free shipping. If you’re up to 5+ items for the month, your total will be $8.17 shipped, or around a penny a wipe.

That’s not as good of a deal as having children who don’t pee in their pants, but it’s pretty good.

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Woot your Wednesday, all day

Awwwww yeah, it’s time again for a Woot-Off. Woot! (See what I did there?) There’s a bevy of rotating deals happening all day at Woot, Sport.Woot, Home.Woot, Kids.Woot, and Wine.Woot (motto: Sometimes Wine, Sometimes Other Stuff).

It’s a great opportunity to find some deals on stuff you didn’t even know you needed. At least, that’s how it usually works for me.

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